Treated Timbers

Treated timbers are a low cost timber solution for exterior applications. Treated timbers are pressure impregnated with specific chemicals to help to prevent rot, decay, and fungus, and extends the life of the timber.

  • Premium Treated Timbers
  • Available in both MCA (residential use) and CCA (agricultural use)
  • Available in long lengths up to 24'
  • All treated timbers are treated with a green tint that will fade and weather away with time
  • Fully pressure impregnated and treated for long term performance and resistance against rot and decay

Custom Timbers:

  • Custom Treated Timbers are available in sizes ranging up to 16" x 16" x 32'
  • Available to order by the piece
  • Surfaced or Rough Sawn
  • Special T&G's are available as well

Treated Laminated Columns:

All treated laminated columns are made to order.

Treated Laminated Columns

  • 3-Ply 2x6
  • 4-Ply 2x6
  • 3-Ply 2x8
  • 4-Ply 2x8
  • 16' - 30' are available
  • The truss pocket is a 2' gap/slot within the column that allows for a roof truss to sit within the column or easy install
  • There are minimum order quantities and large orders will have a longer lead time

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the difference between MCA and CCA Treated?

MCA Treated stands for Micronized Copper Azole.  It's a chemical treatment used primarily for residential applications.  

CCA Treated stands for Chromated Copper Arsenate.  It's a chemical treatment used primarily for agricultural applications.  CCA is a stronger and longer lasting treatment overall.  It will do better at holding up to rot and decay over time.  

Are these timbers pressure impregnated or topically treated?

All of our Treated Timbers are pressure impregnated, which means it's treated all the way to the core.  This is the best long term treatment available and won't sluff off when exposed to moisture.  

Are these square edge timbers?

Yes, these are square edge timbers.  

Do you have other color treatments like the brown cedar tone treatment?

No, we just offer the traditional green pressure treated.  Those other color treatments are very short lived and look fine at first, but then quickly fade and wash away with a few years.  You end up with a blotchy and spotty look over time.  

Can I get Treated Timbers bigger than 8x8?

Yes, we can special order larger size timbers and do all the time.  The biggest size you can get is typically up to a 16 x 16 timber.  

Can I get a rough sawn Treated Timber?

No.  Our Treated Timbers are only available in a smooth S4S finish.  

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