Engineered PSL Beams & Columns

Parallam® PSL Beams are strong, beautiful, and can help turn open floor plans into reality. They are made using long thin strands of wood and a super strong adhesive glue to give you perfectly predictable beams and columns.

Trus Joist Parallams are engineered to exacting standards and can be designed into floor plans, ceilings, and walls to reliably carry and transfer heavy load throughout a structure.

Treated Glulam Beams Size Chart

  • Perfectly straight - will not bow, twist, or cup
  • Fully tested and engineered product with predictable load and span capabilities 
  • Available in various lengths and sizes ideal for cantilever and multi-span applications
  • No pre-assembly of individual plies. Bolting and nailing are minimized, simplifying installation

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is different about these beams?

PSL Parallams are effectively the strongest wood beams available.  They are made using a long thin strands of lumber and incredibly strong structural adhesive.  When pressed and combined with heat, it makes for a beam that is incredibly strong and predictable.  

Can I use these in a exterior application? 

No.  These are intended or interior applications and should not be exposed to regular water and moisture.  

Can I paint or stain these?

Yes.  PSL Parallams and be painted or stained with no impact on performance. 

Can I drill holes or run mechanicals through these?

Yes.  Holes for electrical, wiring, and mechanicals can be run through PSL Parallam Beams.  Look at the chart below for allowable hole sizes.  

What are the advantages of these beams over other options?  

Single member beam that doesn't require any additional plying or fastening.

Engineered to be perfectly straight with no bow, crook, twist, or warp.  

Predictable and can be safely designed into any structure.  

Resource efficient.  These use thin strands from smaller trees and logs that would otherwise go to waste.  

Can I rip these to size?  

PSL Parallam Beams can be ripped, but by changing the width or depth, you are adjusting the strength rating and potential span and load capability. 

Engineered PSL Beam

Engineered PSL Beams & Columns

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Engineering Questions?

Call us today for help with your engineering questions. We have four full time engineers with over 60 years of combined experience that can help you appropriately size and spec to meet code, save money, and get the job done right. We specialize in in floor plans, tall walls, and any other engineered wood application.

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