Western Red Cedar Timbers

Western Red Cedar Timbers are the highest quality wood timbers you can use. They are stunningly beautiful and come packed with natural oils and resins that make them naturally resistant to rot and decay. It's this reason why Cedar Timbers are commonly used for exterior posts, columns, and beams. But, the natural beauty and color of Cedar also make it a great option for interior applications and is a wonderful way to add character and warmth to a project.

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  • Premium coastal Western Red Cedar milled in British Columbia
  • Beautiful rich auburn coloring and tight uniform grain
  • Appearance grade no-hole knotty Cedar with four square edges
  • Great for exterior structural posts/beams and interior
    appearance applications
  • Packed with natural oils and resins that make it resistant to insects, rot, and decay
  • 100% sustainable and SFI certified

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Custom Timbers:

We also have the ability to do custom timbers in special sizes and S4S surfaced finishes. We have our own in-house re-saw and planer that can do any size up to a 12” x 16”. We can cut to exact sizes (for example 4-3/8” x 8-1/2”) and with our planer we can finish to a pristine smooth S4S finish. This is available for any quantity, big or small.

*Lead times usually run about 1-2 weeks per work order.*

Beyond our regular stock timbers, we have the ability to resize and surface timbers to whatever your specific needs are. We have state-of-the-art saws and planers on site that give us the ability to quickly and professionally provide your custom needs.

We can cut and resize down to specific sizes, and we can plane timbers to give them a clean smooth surfaced finish.  

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Are Cedar Timbers approved for exterior use?

Yes.  Cedar Timbers are some of the best timbers to use for exterior use because they are packed with natural oils and resins that make them naturally resistant to rot and decay.  

Are these clear or knotty Cedar Timbers?

These are an appearance grade knotty timber.  All knots will be sound and tight.  Clear Cedar is extremely expensive and very little is available for Timbers.  Over 99% of all Cedar Timbers used in the US are knotty timbers.  

Are these rough sawn or smooth?

4x4 and 6x6 Timbers are stock timbers available in smooth S4S.  All other sizes can be surfaced to a smooth S4S finish, but it is a special order with a lead time.  

Are these square edge timbers or rounded eased edge?

All Rough Sawn Timbers are square edge timbers.  Our 4x4 and 6x6 S4S Timbers will have a small eased edge corner.  

Can I get Cedar Timbers in longer than 20' lengths?

At times, yes.  It is a special order and can be done.  But there are certain times when lead times can be long and the longer timbers can be difficult to source.  We always have timbers up to 20' in stock.  

What fasteners should I use with these?

You want to use a high quality fastener that won't bleed over time.  Stainless Steel is the best fastener to use.  If not available, a high-quality hot dipped galvanized fastener would work as well.  

Why Cedar?

BEAUTY – Aesthetically, there really is no substitute for the natural beauty of Real Cedar. Imbued with decidedly crisp, yet superbly rich, tonal properties, Real Cedar can create sublime outdoor sanctuaries, embolden traditional home decor, provoke cutting-edge architecture and inspire innovative interiors. Imagine – all that dynamism packed into one beautiful building material! No wonder Real Cedar is a designer’s dream come true.

VERSATILITY – Western red cedar is pitch and resin-free. This means it’s ideal for accepting and holding a wide range of beautiful finishes including elegant dark stains, shabby chic bleaches, traditional solid colors, and naturally beautiful semi-transparent. Real Cedar also offers a wide range of lumber dimensions, surface textures, and grades. Ergo, no matter your desired effect, Real Cedar’s got the wood for you.

SUSTAINABILITY – Independent studies prove that when it comes to environmental performance, natural wood is superior to synthetic products in every way. While other building materials generate greenhouse gasses, western red cedar actually removes greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere. And unlike brick, cement, and composites, Real Cedar is renewable and biodegradable. All cedar forests are strictly managed to ensure that cedar remains one of the most sustainable building products available.  In fact, well less than 1% of available Cedar is logged in a given year, and we have more cedar trees today than in history.  

Using Cedar for a basic 30'x16' deck saves over two metric tons of CO2 emissions, equivalent to driving a car for an entire year.

When you choose cedar, you're choosing to be green.  

All cedar boards are SFI certified and fully supported by the Western Red Cedar Lumber Association.  


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