T&G Roof Decking

Roof Decking is a tongue and groove product intended for floor decking and exposed roof ceilings.  It has specific load-bearing capacities that can be designed and engineered to meet structural needs.  

Common applications for 2x6 Roof Decking include patio, foyer, porch, and outdoor living room ceilings.  Common applications for 3x6 Select Dex include commercial buildings, hotels, and industrial floors.  

  • Great for roof decking, loft floors, and covered outdoor living areas
  • Beautiful color, grain, and knot structure
  • Pulled from premium fiber for top of the line appearance 
  • Brings an added insulation value (1.9R)
  • Available in multiple lengths
  • Simple span of 6'-8' is easily achievable with 2x6.  Simple spans of up to 14' are achievable with 3x6 Select Dex.
  • But, always check with local designs, engineers, and load factors before installing.  
  • Priced comparably to other common roof decking species (Yellow Pine, SPF, etc)

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Frequently Asked Questions:

When should I use 3x6 versus 2x6?

2x6 T&G Roof Decking will cover most residential applications.  3x6 T&G Roof Decking is primarily used for commercial projects, but it may be required for other areas.  We have full time engineers that can assist with answering this question.  

Can I get this pre-finished?

No - these are sold as raw timber only.  Pre-finishing sounds great in theory, but there is a lot of jobsite work required during installation that is messy, dirty, and rough on the product.  Over the years, we've found that it's best to get the product finished on site.  

If I want to make a full timber structure, which products should I match this up with?

Being a Douglas Fir Roof Decking, these pair up beautifully with our Douglas Fir Timbers, and our Douglas Fir Glulam Beams.  In fact, our personal office is a timber frame building comprised of Douglas Fir Glulams and 3x6 T&G Roof Decking.  

Can I use both sides of this product?

The product is intended to be installed with the V-Groove face exposed.  The backside is a tight butt T&G.  In theory it can be left as is for a floor, but often times it is finished over with a formal layer of subfloor and flooring or sheathing and roofing.  

Can I specify lengths?

We do our best to make any project possible.  If you have a specific length you need, reach out to us and we'll let you know what's possible.  

Why should I use Douglas Fir versus other species like Yellow Pine or SPF?

For one, it starts with beauty and appearance.  We believe that Douglas Fir is the best look and most visually appealing product available.  The auburn tones and beautiful grain make for a stunning look.  

Two, Douglas Fir is also a great combination of strength and workability.  You'll get long spans and great load tables with Douglas Fir.  It's also very dimensionally stable and won't bow, twist, or crook as much as some other wood species.  

Finally, Douglas Fir stains and finishes the best.  You will be making an investment in this product, and you want it to look as good as possible.  Douglas Fir takes stains and finishes extremely well, leaving a professional and polished look.  

Can I get this end-matched or pre-drilled?

No - those are not available options.  

Engineering Questions?

Call us today for help with your engineering questions. We have four full time engineers with over 60 years of combined experience that can help you appropriately size and spec to meet code, save money, and get the job done right. We specialize in in floor plans, tall walls, and any other engineered wood application.